Thierry Boguet and the Federation of independent wine merchants

In the business for nearly thirty years, historical member of the Federation of Independent Wine Cellers, manager of the purchasing center dedicated to member wine merchants to help them compose their selections,… Thierry Boguet's devotion to the profession n is matched by his passion. Check out his interview below:

Interview with Thierry Boguet

On the shelves of "La Maison du Champagne et des Vins", the brands have been replaced by a hundred champagnes from winegrowers, a hundred alcohols and spirits, and some 800 wines. In this range, there is no place for commercial marketing, whether it concerns traders, cooperatives or big brands. Only independent winegrowers, “who match naturally with independent wine merchants”, have a penchant for more than ten years for biodynamic wines, “better expression of the terroir with magnificent fruit-wood balances. "

In order for his customers to better appreciate these patiently unearthed bottles, Thierry Boguet has, as his stocks grew, developed a refiner activity. "I began to age the wines in the cellar, only to market them at their peak, ready to drink upon purchase," he explains, "because in my opinion it is a waste to sell fresh wines. bottled at 20% of their potential ”. This service is particularly appreciated by customers “who do not know, do not want or do not have the possibility of aging these wines in their own cellar. "

Sale of local wines

In our hotel-restaurant in Manosque, we also offer the sale of wines from the region. You can buy the wines directly in our establishment at the price of the estates.

  • Domaine La Blaque
  • Domaine Saint Jean
  • Domaine des Bergeries

Sale of Provence wines

Take home a souvenir of the region during your stay at the Hotel Restaurant Le Provence, by purchasing a wine from Provence. The wines are sold at the domain price:

  • Domaine Gavoty
  • Domaine Mas de Cadenet (Sainte Victoire)
  • Domaine du Deffends
  • Domaine Barbanau
  • Roquefort Castle
  • Domaine Lafran-Veyrolles
  • Domaine Tempier
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The wine list

Discover our wine list available in the restaurant and / or for sale.

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